Make a difference in improving your transit service


The Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA) is working to build a stronger transit system in Minnesota.

Budget decisions are being made now that will impact transit service in Minnesota. MPTA is here to keep you informed and let you know what steps you can take to make transit a higher priority.

MPTA includes urban and rural transit service providers, the transit industry and riders from all over the state who advocate for increased transit resources. MPTA is working at the state and federal levels for transit service that meets the many needs of Minnesota residents.

MPTA will provide you with:

  • Updates on action at the state and federal levels related to transit;
  • Information on your elected representatives and how to contact them;
  • Action Alerts that make it easy for you to send a strong message regarding the need for transit in Minnesota.
  • Legislators listen to constituents like you. We can help you contact your elected representatives in Washington and St. Paul so that you can make a difference in improving your transit service.

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We have made one-page descriptions of each MPTA member public transit system to help systems advocate to legislators, city councils, etc. to support their need for future funding and resources, as well as to educate the general public on their organization and community impact. If you work for a system and would like to request changes to a system's description, please contact us at