Board of Directors

MPTA is governed by a board of directors, elected at an annual meeting by members of the organization. The board generally meets on the last Thursday of each month. Members of the Board serve concurrently as officers of MPTA. Members include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers serve terms of two years with elections held at an annual meeting on odd numbered years.

Ryan Daniel - President
St. Cloud Metro Bus
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Luther Wynder - Vice President
Minnesota Valley Transit Authority
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Tiffany Collins - Director
Central Community Transit
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Daryn Toso - Secretary
Transit Alternatives
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Matt Fyten - Director
SouthWest Transit
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LuAnn Bleiler - Treasurer
Paul Bunyan Transit
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Alan Herrmann - Director
SmartLink Transit
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Mike Klauda - Associate
North Central Bus Sales
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Nick Lemmer - Director
Rochester Public Transit
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Cathleen Amick - Director
United Community Action Partnership
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Ted Nelson - Director
Prairie Five RIDES
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Joann Brackey - Director
SMART Transit
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Brenda Brittin - Director
Rainbow Rider
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