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COVID-19 Resources:

CTAA has put together a COVID-19 Buyer’s Guide to better assist our members in identifying the best, most relevant, cleaning, disinfecting and PPE supplies, or other COVID-19 related supply purchases.
Thank you to all of our Minnesota transit systems for contributing to this report!

Here is the link to the Buyer's Guide.

If you have additional information, please email Katie Leibel

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Latest FTA Q&A

APTA: Impact of COVID-19 on Transit Funding

Cleaning Vehicles

Wheelchair Securement amid COVID-19

Communicating Service Reduction

Executive Order, protecting workers from unsafe conditions

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Instructions

COVID Transit Guide

Safety Protocols:

CTAA COVID-19 Recommendations

FTA Safety Advisory

Updated FTA FAQ

APTA Guide

Operating Volunteer Driver Programs in a Pandemic

Information on the CARES Act Below.


CARES Act Overview for the Public Transportation Industry

Fiscal Year 2020 CARES Act Supplemental Public Transportation Apportionments and Allocations

Below are stories on how many Transit Systems in the state are coping with the impact COVID-19 has had on their community.

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Transit Funding/ Agency Information

MPTA is currently working with MnDOT's Office of Transit and Active Transportation (OTAT) to improve transparency regarding investment decisions for public transportation systems. This will allow for a more collaborative decision-making process and will move towards a multi-year program versus the current annual solicitation. The files below provide more information. More documents will be provided as they are available.