2024 MPTA Bus Roadeo

Canterbury Park ~ Shakopee, MN

2024 MPTA Bus Roadeo!

We are looking forward to the 37th Annual Bus Roadeo at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN  this July!

We are excited to provide you with new trainings, a chance to see old friends and catch up,  and have a fun filled weekend.  The Roadeo Courses will be located at the  back parking lot of Canterbury Park.

**If your transit agency is funded through FTA Section 5310 or 5311 or you are a Tribal Transit provider, you are eligible to apply for an RTAP scholarship to attend the Roadeo. Agencies receiving FTA section 5307 funding are not eligible for scholarships. Systems receiving FTA Section 5311 funding are encouraged to use operating dollars whenever possible prior to requesting a scholarship. Apply on the RTAP website.

The Minnesota Public Transit Association hosts the annual Bus Roadeo to bring together bus operators from across the state to hone their driving skills and gain new skills through training opportunities.  Our Goal is to improve safety and celebrate the great work of bus operators who have been serving the public throughout their areas.

We will have both large and small bus categories for operators to compete in. All operators will navigate the obstacle course as well as demonstrate safety practices.

Registration must be completed by June 30, 2024.

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